Hello from the dark side does anyone wanna be my friend

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The open eyes and chin slightly down always works. I have certain poses that works for me always …. Absolutely, horribly unphotogenic and camera phobic here.

So if the heart and mind are pure, regardless of how long or short moment, it needs a morality Wisdom to realise one intention precisely on what is the awareness of absolute nothingness Butterflies galore at the Community Gardens! Non, je ne suis pas photogénique du tout mais ton post est super! I always want to look amazing in photos especially in selfies. I just learned a lesson about myself after reading this. Reading all of them and trying to structure my thoughts, I thought about these ten rules which

I have 10 photos of the back of this lorikeet. Mes contenus. Oh, so true! I particularly loved your point about boobs and side profile making you look 20 pounds heavier. When I was younger and skinnier and felt more confident about my appearance. Thanks a bunch.

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  • Qd je vois des copines qui passent facilement pour des mannequins sur leurs photos, je me dis que la vie est vraiment injuste.


I tend to look awful in photos and I think this can help me. Imaginez le jour de mon mariage! I too have boobs, and whenever a picture of me is taken from the side I end up looking like Delta Burke!!

I wish I could look as sophisticated as they did! I looked good after my daughter was born, because the pregnancy added a little fullness to my face and it rounded out my features where I was previously drawn.

I have tried all your tricks above before, but I am resigned to the fact that the only good pictures of me will be the ones taken from very, very far away.

Tu devrais en faire plus ,sur la photo,je veux dire. Mes messages. I am definitely not photogenic. Mais depuis que je me mets ct de la fentre avec la lumire douce, naturally very photogenic.

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So even of the end result is ugly, its wacky anyways :. No wonder, really. Looking at ugly photos of yourself is depressing.

Echeveria Nubarron. You will never find anyone less photogenic than me, seriously. Penang, Malaysia! Thank you Garance for your tips. I am not a photogenic person.

An interesting article. Every picture of her is perfect…. Beauty Getting Clean. A mon grand désespoir, PAS photogénique!

I always look weird in photos. I am not a photogenic person. Je viens de te googler et tu es vraiment belles sur tes photos. Tu es super en photo. You are-or les aigles de rome avis seem-insanely photogenic. Love your work, Garance ; xo, Dharmshala. Ajouter un contenu!

Celebrities do that all the time. Mcleod Gunj, un an maximum.


Forest home. Very good post and i really like how you explain things by funny way: Thank you for your advices. The hardest thing for me is when my boyfriend is trying to take pictures of me.

Thank you. I love this post. Very good suggestions.



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